Sunday, September 9, 2012

Once in a Lifetime Adventure

 Monday, September 6, 2012 at 1:30pm we all gathered in front of Belk to load up in the van and depart for the airport; Dr. Glass and Brian were our two selected drivers.
 From left to right:
Amber, Megan, Ramsey, Mike, Danny and Sebastian.  

Our first stop was Dunkin Donuts, where  Dr.  Glass bought everyone anything they wanted. Thank you Dr. Glass! :)
~Amber & Ramsey

 Our trip was not the easiest of them all, we had multiple complications. Starting with our flight getting delayed from RDU to London, passports and ticket mishaps, to possibly a plane strike in London. We originally were supposed to depart from RDU at 6:15 but unfortunately we did not depart till 9:30 allowing us to arrive in London at  10:15am (5 hours ahead of NC) we left London at 3pm then arriving in Munich 6pm (6 hours ahead of NC). Going through a great excursion of trying to get to our luggage and find our driver which took about two hours. We had to go through security to get to our luggage and then through customs and just my luck I was the one who got chose to be searched. They tore my bags apart, I can now look back and laugh about this moment.

The group leaving RDU!

I don't wanna fly!

Danny and Ramsey sleeping waiting to get on the plane for Munich.

Riding the bus to the other side of the airport in London.

Once we found our driver, now 8pm we loaded up and headed to the castle. We all were very exhausted and wanted to sleep in a real bed and not a chair. The drive was pretty scary going through the extremely small roads to the castle.
About to land in London.

Since being at the castle for a week we have taken a day trip to see Dorf Tirol and Merano which was a 10 mile hike there and back. Went to the Friday market in Merano which is were people sell clothes, shoes, bread, etc. As well as visiting the Dolomite's and the glaciers.
Our first allowance!

Our hike through Dorf Tirol.

Listening to what Michi is saying.

In the city of Merano.

Heading to Merano.

Megan, Mike and Ramsey eating gelato ( ice cream).

Yesterday, September 8, we all took a group trip to the Dolomite's. That was one amazing trip I think we all will never forget, between the two hour car trip up the mountains whipping through the turns like they were nothing, hiking on top of the Dolomite's and taking a class with Michi while sitting near the edge of the Dolomite's listening to geological stories. After we had class at the Dolomite's we all decided to go to the glaciers. That definitely is something we will always remember. We took a trolley to the top of the glaciers which was about a 5 minute ride of standing up on a scary cart. Once there we hiked to the top to see the glorious glaciers it was chilly but also hot with the sun shining down. After we experienced the glaciers we had the option to take the trolley back down or hike down the side of the mountain which would have been an hour and forty-five minute tremendous walk. Megan, Ramsey, myself, as well as Michi and Johnny (our farm helper) chose to hike down. It was a life time experience that I'm glad I chose to do. We completed the hike in 45 minutes!! Once at the bottom our legs were shaky and our feet in much pain. But it was well worth it. We stopped at the local grocery store grabbed some food because most things are closed on Sundays, and all crashed once back in the loft.
The group having class on top of the Dolomite's

Funny pose!

Ramsey and I hiking up to the Glaciers
Finally at the glaciers! Hope you enjoyed our week journey!

Our first week here has been amazing and it will only get better from here.

Submitted by: Amber Hicks

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  1. I must that I am so happy for everyone of you on this trip. I pray that you all have a wonderful time and return to us safe and sound with a life-time of memmories.