Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harvesting and Celebrating


Monday, September 17 classes began again. Our German class was at 9:00 a.m. with Michi followed by Education 390 and then class with Mary learning of The Cantos by Ezra Pound. Unfortunately classes this week with Sizzo were all canceled. At twelve was an amazingly delicious lunch--weinerschnitzel with potatoes-- prepared by Graciella who filled in for Brigette this week. Later in the day, we witnessed the new born lamb, the newest edition to the family, walking around with its mother. It was a precious sight.

Tuesday, September 18 was our second work day, which was quite exciting for we all were able to harvest the grapes from the vineyards. Harvesting took us most of day but it was rewarding for we were all able to witness once again the process of making the wine.
Nick explaining how to harvest the grapes
Later that day harvesting
the making of the wine
Wednesday September 19. We had classes again. There was no class with Michi or Sizzo. We were supposed to travel to cup stones which are located up the mountain but unfortunately this trip was postponed due to the rainy weather than day.
Thursday September 20. We had our last day of classes for this week. After lunch, with not much to do and in anticipation for Amber's birthday, which was the following day, we all went up to town to get celebratory dinner ingredients at a local store. That night Ramsey made us the most delicious patty melts.
Friday September 21. We all celebrated Amber's 22nd birthday! We began our day by heading up to Dorf Tirol to grab some burgers and fries from the Wurstel Stand. Then we proceeded down the mountain heading towards Merano to spend the day in the city shopping.. We rode the chair lift down of course from Dorf Tirol to Merano which is always a fun experience. In the city we explored the market that takes place every Friday. Later that evening, we all continued to celebrate Amber's birthday by going out to a local club. It is interesting because we always are meeting new people everywhere we go.

Downtown Merano
Amber's Birthday gift--Chocolates!
At the Burger Stand
Saturday September 22. Professor Cates and his wife Gloria went to Bozen/Bolzano in preparation for our trip to Florence. They rode the train from Merano to Bozen to research the schedule and train tracks to make sure we get the right connection to Florence next week. They toured and explored the town while they were there.  We stayed at the castle studying and relaxing in our croft.

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