Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Beginning of an Exciting Journey

Michi teaching his crash course in German and Italian class.
     Monday, September 10, was the first day of class. We are going to be taking five classes over the three months in Italy. Starting at 9:00 every Monday and Thursday we have a crash course in German and Italian with Michael de Rachewiltz. So far we have learned how to introduce ourselves and say where we are from. Every bit helps when you are placed in an environment where barely anyone speaks English. Next, at 10:00 we have education in the United States and Europe with Professor Cates. Here we learn about the education systems in all the different countries in Europe in comparison to the United States. At 11:00 we have class with Mary de Rachewiltz where we learn about how to read and understand poetry. We also learn about the life of Ezra Pound and his ever so interesting life. Finally we have Myth and Agro-archeology where we learn about the world and how everything relates to each other. All the classes are very interesting and the professors that teach them have so much knowledge to share with us
     Tuesday, September 11, was the first of our Tuesday work days. The group was split into two, the boys ended up going to a vineyard in the mountain to pick grapes to be made into wine that night and the girls along with Professor Cates and Mrs. Cates had to pick bug infested grapes out of the vines.
Sebastian harvesting the grapes picked earlier that day.
Processed grapes.
 Michael picking grapes in the vineyard.
     Wednesday, September 12, was a fun day because for class we had a wine tasting for the Myth and Archeology class with Sizzo. We learned about the culture and mythology associated with wine. We learned how to tell the difference between wines and how to explain the qualities of wine. The most interesting part of the tasting was when it came down to describing the wine using your five senses. It is an interesting form of art that teaches you how to appreciate wine and look at it more than just a beverage.

     After our wine tasting the group decided to go out and eat for the first time since we arrived the previous Wednesday. The restaurant we chose was called Pizzaria Lindenwirt where we had delicious brick oven pizza and an ice cold Coca-Cola.  

                        The Group after our wine tasting.

 Delicious Pizza
     Thursday, September 13, Professor and Mrs. Cates went to the train station in Mirano to purchase the train tickets for our upcoming group trip to Florence, Italy.  
     Friday, September 14, The group went to the flea market in the city of Mirano. There we stopped at a restaurant to have lunch after the long day of walking and shopping. We went to a few stores like H&M and a bunch of boutiques for clothing shopping.
                                                                Sun glasses everyone purchased at the Flea Market on Friday.
     Saturday, September 15, was a fun day for everyone. Sebastian, Ramsey, and Megan went to a waterfall about 15 minutes away for a swim.

After swimming Professor Cates took the group out for dinner at another local Pizzeria in town where the group had a satisfying meal.

     After dinner the group went for a night out on the town. We went to a night club called Club X and had a great time dancing and socializing with the locals.
     Sunday, September 16, was a relaxing day. To cap off the busy week we had tea with Mary at 4:00. We finished our week with completing homework and other assignments in the afternoon.
Submitted by : Daniel Iovino-Ortiz

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