Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready, Set,....... Brunnenburg 2012 here we come!

Pictured above:  (Left to right) Professor Tony Cates, Gloria Cates, Danny Iovino-Ortiz, Sebastian Ray, Amber Hicks, Megan Jolly, Ramsey Vogt, and Michael Iannuzzi.

We had our last organizational meeting tonight.  Everyone is excited and ready to go.  We talked about last minute details (passports, health forms, transportation, travel tips, etc).  Everyone will meet at SAU on Monday, September 3, 2012 with all their luggage in hand.  We will be leaving Raleigh-Durham International Airport about 6:20 pm and arrive in London around 6:55 am.  From there we will fly to Munich, Germany and then take a bus to Brunnenburg, Italy.  We hope everyone will follow our adventures as we travel abroad this semester.  We will be keeping you posted about where we go and what we will be doing.  Stay tuned!!  Arrivederci !

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  1. How exciting for Amber to be able to do this with others....what a memorable time they all will have and experience