Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Farewell and Goodbye

We knew the wonderful time had to end, but at least we packed as much fun as possible into the final days. We had a combined Thanksgiving and Farewell dinner with more wonderful food by Brigitte with assistance from Kelsey and Tomer. 

We enjoyed having everyone together for fellowship, toasts, and the presentation of the 2011 St. Andrews at Brunnenburg wine. A great souvenir but not a wine we really want to drink since Nik described it as “feety.”

Over the final weekend, some of us took a break from papers, projects, and grading to go to the Christmas market in Bolzano.

When the time finally came to leave, we headed out on the bus to go to Munich for our last day before leaving Europe. There were Christmas markets in Munich for some last-minute shopping as well as a chance to ice skate. Fortunately we didn’t end up with any pre-flight broken bones from skating falls.

That evening we had our last group meal at the Augustiner Braustuben with a friendly waiter who enjoyed trying to get us to order in German.

The next day all that was left of our Brunnenburg adventure was a long journey home and all our souvenirs and wonderful memories. Thanks to everyone at Brunnenburg for our fantastic semester!

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