Saturday, October 15, 2011


Out of all of our planned trips I looked forward to Verona the most. I am a Romeo and Juliet fangirl. I can admit it. But Verona is so much more than the setting of Shakespeare’s play.
We started off the day at a restaurant called Ippopotamo which is the Italian word for “hippopotamus” so obviously this restaurant was awesome. The poor waitress had no idea what hit her!

Ippopotamo was in the same plaza as the Verona Arena which is one of the best preserved Roman ampitheaters of its kind. It is beautiful. The coolest part about it is probably that operas are still shown there on a regular basis.

We then headed over to the place most visitors to Verona reach: Juliet’s “House.” While it isn’t Juliet’s actual house, what with her being a fictional character and all, it is a fun experience with a cool museum. Not to mention, the statue of Juliet that had literally dozens of people waiting to grope her chest for good luck. Not joking. Although the house wasn’t really Juliet's house, it was a remarkable representation of what her house would have looked like, complete with clothes and bed.

On our way to the statue of Dante…

We passed underneath a whale bone that supposedly will fall when the first virtuous person walks under it. I swear it looked pretty precarious for a few moments as I passed underneath it.


We then zipped our way past the Castle Vecchio…

Strolled down the river…

And ended up at the Basilica of San Zeno.

Which, by the way, is a beautiful church with lovely frescoes and an amazing bronze-cast door that has scenes carved over every inch of it. When we first got there I wasn’t super excited because we had already been to a large number of churches on our trip to the Vinchgau. However, the church was amazing and held my interest the whole time. Also, they had convenient info pamphlets (in English!) that they handed out at the beginning.

While waiting for the bus in utter confusion we made some new friends who were also from America that kindly helped us find the correct bus to take back to the train station.
This was an amazing trip. Everything went smoothly (it didn’t rain until we were leaving!) and everything was beautiful. Definitely my favorite trip.

Kathryn Farley

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