Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hiking to the Cup Stones

The hike to the cup stones took about an hour and a half. The goats wanted to come, but weren't allowed.

We didn't really have any idea what the cup stones were going to look like, but we all imagined some huge stones that looked like cups. To our surprise they turned out to be small carvings on a rock.

The view from that rock was pretty amazing though.

The hike took us through the woods took us past some beautiful and somewhat hazardous terrain.

As well as some very random objects...

After taking a close look at the stones, we were given some possible scenarios as to what the purpose of these carvings was. Some of the possibilities are alien markings (like crop circles), people being bored, or ways of marking a path. It is pretty much left up to the imagination because their purpose isn't known. They are found all over Europe in the same general pattern and have been studied by many people.  

Meghan Nedow

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