Friday, October 7, 2011

Journey to the Vinschgau Valley and Switzerland

Wednesday, as a group, we hopped on a private bus with Sizzo, and headed for the Vinschgau Valley.  It was a very beautiful day to explore various churches, portals, and frescos, as well as taking in the beautiful scenery.  The bus stopped to let us out at various checkpoints throughout the entire trip.  Our trip consisted of visiting four different churches, with our main focus being seeing the frescos and portals. Our first stop was Latsch where we explored a beautiful church dedicated to St. Paul and St. Peter.

Then we were dropped off to climb up to a hill that overlooked the breathtaking view of the valley.

Afterward we explored a church in Mals. From there we went to The Church of St. John in Taufers. Here we all sat down and had a picnic with a beautiful view of the countryside, where we ate delicious sandwiches made by Brigitte.

Before we ventured into Switzerland, Sizzo told us an interesting story of St. Christopher.

Next stop, Switzerland! Although Switzerland was a short experience, it was worth every minute of it. We explored the St. John the Baptist Church before treating ourselves to some tasty chocolate.

On the way back to Brunnenburg, we made a last stop at Von Trapp castle, where we saw the largest privately-owned armory in Europe.

After a full day of hiking and sightseeing, we happily returned home to Brunnenburg.

Jess Gibson and Andrea Ramirez

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