Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Workday and Classday

Yesterday was workday again. We were in several small groups with various chores. Some were doing hand weeding, some picking bad grapes out of the bunches, and some doing extreme weeding with sickles. By now we've gotten pretty good at identifying--and at least attempting to avoid--stinging nettles. Although the mornings start out cool, it's been hot by the afternoon, so we're eager for 5:00. One benefit of workday is that Brigitte cooks us lunch and supper on those days, and her cooking is an excellent trade off for the work.

Today was back to class schedule, but our afternoon class with Sizzo was up at Schloss Tirol. I don't think anyone will complain about walking across the lake for class after we get back to St. Andrews, given that today's walk to class was 20 minutes uphill. On the other hand, it's pretty amazing to have a "classroom" that has parts built in the 1100s.

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