Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our First Week (and a Half)

Castle and Croft

Here we are! Anyone who has been on the Brunnenburg trip before will understand when I say how hard it is to follow good intentions about journals or blogs because there is always something to be doing or somewhere to go or something exciting to see. Our journey here was long but without hitches. We saw the Lego liberty bell while we hung out in the Philadelphia airport, slept or pretended to sleep or didn't even try to sleep (you know who you are) on the overnight flight, and then watched the mountains get closer and bigger and more breathtaking as we traveled by bus from Munich to Brunnenburg.

Since our arrival, we have made it through the first week of classes, including our first German class; enjoyed our first Sunday tea with Mary; survived our first workday--which involved netting grapes, clearing trenches, and cleaning rocks off roadways; got back up the shortcut path to the castle after a 4-hour walking tour of Dorf Tirol and Meran with Michi; and had a tour of the museum here at Brunnenburg and the tower at Schloss Tirol. And those are just some of the things we have done together.

Animals are a part of everyday life here. Walk along any path and you could meet cats, a dog, goats, sheep, pigs, guinea hens, turkeys, geese, rabbits. Many of these animals are rare breeds, such as the curly-haired pigs. There is always work to be done with the animals, and several of the students have already started pitching in. One word of caution—apparently bare toes look a lot like small potatoes to the pigs. I learned that one that hard way. There's been plenty of individual adventuring as well.

The week ahead promises more excitement. A parade in Dorf Tirol today, a wine tasting with Sizzo, more touring at Schloss Tirol, more walking (climbing), and more of Brigitte's fabulous food. Everyone who's been here talks about Brigitte's food, but there's no way that describing it does it justice. Can you tell I'm a fan?

Auf Wiedersehen / Ciao,

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  1. Betsy, I am enjoying following your blog! Thanks so much for your posts! I am a St. Andrews alum and went to Brunnenburg in 1988! That was a long time ago for sure, but your blog is helping me relive it all over. It is such a memorable experience, it is not one you will ever forget!!! It is so comforting to hear that today's Brunnenburgers are still experiencing the same wonderful events that my group did (tea with Mary, the delights of Brigitte's food, workday, the croft and castle....! Please keep the posts coming - the pictures too when you can! I will be back! Thanks, Deborah