Monday, October 15, 2012

A week in the life of Sebastian Ray

This week at Schloss Brunnenburg was filled with work and more school work.  This week was also when all are hard work was going to pay off.
Monday we harvested the rose grapes which consisted of the fungus grapes, excluding of course the vinegar filled grapes. The work was long, but it is certainly rewarding.  The most rewarding aspect of work day is always the fact that we students have both lunch and dinner prepared for us.

Tuesday we  had class followed by a delicious lunch.  After lunch we proceeded to relax at the croft. Amber made grilled cheese sandwiches and soup that night, it was no doubt worth the two euro.
Wednesday we had another fun filled day of class. Our class was again followed with a lovely lunch prepared for us again by Brigette. The rest of my day consisted of Saints and Heroes class with Dr. Sizzo and some much needed studying.
Thursday we harvested the Vernatsch which are some beautiful red wine grapes.  This work consisted of avoiding picking the bunches containing the fungi and of course the vinegar.  Yet again the best part of the day was eating both the lunch and dinner meals from the lovely Brigette.

Friday we took a group trip to the Vinschgau.  This is a valley near the border of Italy and Switzerland.  The Vinschgau actually pertains to the entire valley encompassing a number of different medieval, and pre-medieval towns.  After visiting some of the landmark churches we crossed the border into Switzerland.  Some of our group decided to purchase some Swiss chocolate, I however, being frugal, decided to save my money for another occasion.  The nicest part of the trip was visiting the neighboring Castle "Schloss Churburg".  I decided to get medieval and try on some of the armor we found in the armory.
Saturday I ventured out to Merano with the group to finalize my travels for fall break.  With that all situated it was time to relax.
Sunday was when all of our hard work picking chestnuts payed off.  Sunday was the Chestnut Festival.  There were chestnuts roasting on an open fire and music accompanying the festivities.

Our first snowfall in the mountains!  Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by,
Sebastian Ray

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