Saturday, November 12, 2011


Our second class day-trip with Sizzo took us through a number of churches and cloisters, a museum, and two wine tastings. We started the day with a brisk walk to the Dorf Tirol bus station and a ride to Neustift to see parts of the monastery. We saw the frescos in the cloister and also the octagonal fountain in the courtyard with depictions of the wonders of the world. 

Then we had our first wine tasting—the Sylvaner made at the monastery. 

The next stop was Brixen to see the frescos of the Brixen Cathedral cloisters and the cathedral itself. We had our picnic lunch while enjoying the sunshine in the Bishop's Garden before driving to Bozen.

In Bozen we visited the Bozen Cathedral . . .

and the Church of the Dominicans with its adjoining chapel. 


Our last major stop was the Archeological Museum of South Tirol where we saw the exhibit of Otzi the Iceman. No pictures allowed there, so you'll just have to imagine for yourself what a body mummified in ice from over 5000 years ago looks like—or you can google it. We took a quick step into the Hotel Greif which Pound mentions in the Cantos. Then our last stop for the day was one more wine tasting at the Muri-Gries Monastery Wine Cellar. All of this, and we made it back to Dorf Tirol before suppertime with our notebooks and our heads full.

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